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The Fight for Women’s Rights

The researchers suggest that gender inequality arose because of prolonged pregnancy and breast-feeding offspring, who for a long time make women vulnerable and dependent. This statement strengthens sexual dimorphism (that is, the fact that men are generally physically stronger), but it is rather the individual features in the modern world than the inherent all over the gender (there are weak and powerful men, well, as women). Was there sexual dimorphism ever more pronounced than it is now – not a fact.

The notion that, while the woman was pregnant and nursed the children, the man was a “getter” and “brought animal meat at home” is not quite true. Yes, the basic care of the offspring was on the shoulders of women, but also the sustenance of the pack was also on those same shoulders.

Ancient people were mainly gatherers – this was a lifestyle for both men and women. Hunting for conditional “mammoth” was optional – people didn`t eat meat every day. The emergence of patriarchy (i.e. the system of oppression and female subordination male) associated with the fact that women were too busy and exhausted by constant pregnancies and births to fight for the establishment of equal relations.

Thanks to feminists, centuries-old tradition to hang the entire reproductive work on women has stayed in the past: the decree can take a parent of either sex, childcare is no longer considered “Women affair”, the active presence of man at birth is considered the norm. Today a woman can decide how much children and when to give birth to her, and bear in principle. Childfree become almost normal, the concept of “old-pregnant” is almost never used, women tend firstly to get a couple of higher education, a career / business and travel the world, and then think about the children – or do not do it.

Cliché “was not pregnant – not a woman” out into the darkness of centuries after the “earth is flat and stands on three pillars” and “Zeus gave birth to gods and men.”

As a result, modern woman can decide when and with whom she engaged in sex, and what gender it is. Thanks to the feminist woman has the right not to have sex at all – if that is her wish. Asexuality and fluid (i.e. floating) sexuality recognized norm. We can take the first step, we can have sex without love and relationships, we can have sex solo – with our hands or sex toys.

We can do many things that a few decades ago, the woman could not conceive of.

On female genital mutilation, which is unfairly referred to as “female circumcision”, as if comparing with the masculine – cut when the foreskin is prohibited almost everywhere, the truth is still practiced. We are no longer required to comply with “conjugal duty”, lying on his back, “closing eyes and thinking of Britain.” When I did a survey among friends on the subject “What gave feminism to you”, the most common response was: “Feminism gave me a cool sex.”

Favorite argument of many men against women’s equality, “Do you want to serve in the army?”. Usually it is used to focus attention on the impossibility of equality, because women definitely do not want to join the army – it’s just unnatural, right? No not like this.

To understand why this is not an argument, but the mere use of stereotypes (bad enough, by the way), it is sufficient to look at the army of Israel or the United States, where women are equal to men. And if this service is voluntary for women in the United States, in Israel for military duty includes all suitable health – without distinction of sex and gender. Also if we type in Google the phrase “military job” we can find a lot of online jobs for military spouses. Because, nowadays, for example, in USA it is very popular to serve in army by a couple – wife with husband.  For many women, it is an opportunity to start a rewarding career and find their place in life – and unfairly deprive them of the chance for some trumped-up reasons.

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