About Us

BAFGM has been in existence since 2001 following a case of FGM relating to a young child in Birmingham. The group has grown since this time and is now extremely active focusing presently on providng this website to enable all agency members in Birmingham and the UK to be aware of recent legislation, to raise awareness and signpost for support and guidance.


Birmingham Against Female Genital Mutilation seeks to lead and co-ordinate multi-agency activity to prevent the practice of FGM; to protect girls from FGM and to address the physical, psychological and emotional health and support needs of women and girls who have undergone FGM.

By: Improving education, awareness and prevention work on FGM with agencies professionals, community groups, faith groups and education/youth services.

By: Supporting agencies to improve the identification and protection of girls at risk to enable relevant safeguarding referrals to be made.

By: Ensuring women who have undergone FGM and girls at risk can access specialist services for information, advice, support, protection and necessary health treatment.

BAFGM is now a sub group of Birmingham Safeguarding Board. (add link to BSCB).

Present members: