Update of the FGM Prevention programme

Dear colleagues

I am pleased to share an update of the FGM Prevention programme’s work.

1.     FGM Enhanced Dataset – first statistics published since expanded scope

The first of our quarterly statistics were published today by the Health and Social Care

Information System.  Please find the headline report attached, although I would encourage

you to view the website for the full details.


To summarise, there were 1,036 newly recorded  cases of FGM reported by 60 acute trusts

and 1 GP.  This is for a reporting period when it was not mandatory for any organisation to

submit data, and we continue to work with organisations to understand how to comply and

increase these numbers.  Over the coming publications, additional information will be

included in the reports, obtained from the extra data items being collected, but the HSCIC

are taking a cautious approach to the publication of this information.  This is a good start to

the collection, and thank you to all those who have worked to make this happen in

challenging timescales.


2.     FGM Risk Indicator System (FGM RIS)

The FGM RIS is a new electronic system and an important development to support effective

early intervention and ongoing safeguarding of girls potentially at risk of FGM, which has

now launched. We have started working with early adopter sites to understand how the

system works before the planned national implementation from the beginning of 2016.


For more information about what the system is and how it works, please see



If anyone would like to find out if they can join the early adopters, please contact me and we

can let you know some of the expectations and commitments.


3.     FGM Enhanced Dataset – updated guidance and clarification to support implementation

As part of implementation, we have picked up there are some themes to the questions about

the enhanced dataset.  Please note, the date by which GPs and mental health trusts must

comply is 1 October 2015; this has not changed.


To support organisations, we have pulled together the main themes into a single document.

We explain the legal basis for the collection of the information and describe what and how

NHS organisations need to communicate with patients about this work. The document also

explains additional work underway to support GP practices with this work.



I will be writing to you next week about another document we are issuing to support GP

practices with the submission process.


Thank you for your continued support.  Please feel free to circulate this update to your

colleagues and networks.


I have also attached a document which outlines our main resources and materials, in

response to queries about how to see all of the materials from the programme in a single



Kind regards,


FGM Enhanced Dataset

FGMP publications 23 Sept 15

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